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When you need hardwood floor repair in Hickory, NC there may be many companies you can call, but there’s only one that is dedicated to giving you the best mix of affordable products and professional service available in the area. Hardwood Floor Masters has over 17 years of experience providing hardwood floor repair and replacement services, so we have the tools and the skills to take care of your floors. Some of the services that we offer include the following:

• Hardwood Floor Repair—Before we begin floor repair jobs, we always provide free repair estimates and then make sure that the work is done by a qualified repair technician. We specialize in antique hardwood floors repair and refinishing.

• Wood Floor Replacement—In the rare case the floor cannot be repaired or refinished, our experts will replace your worn floor with a brand new one. We offer affordable floor products and reasonable labor rates.

• Floor Maintenance—Hardwood floors need regular maintenance to keep their beauty and luster. We can set up an automatic schedule to come out and care for your floors or stop by only when you call us.

Genuine hardware floors can be difficult to replace, so if you have them, you definitely want to save them. Our friendly staff and talented technicians will make it easy and affordable to repair and refinish what you have rather than replacing it with new floors. After all, you really cannot replace old-world hardwood floors because they belong to a bygone era that modern floors only mimic. Do not despair that your floors are beyond redemption.

Talk to the experts at Hardwood Floor Masters, and let us save your floors.

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